Seven people are detained after a cybercrime ring that deceived a guy out of around Rs 8 lakh was found in Faridabad.

Among the group were a banker, a former bank manager, and a chartered accountant. The accused spoke via Instagram with a Chinese cyberthief who ran the fraud scheme.

Seven people have been arrested after the Faridabad Police busted a cybercrime ring that had been scamming a man of over Rs 8 lakh by pretending to be stock market traders. Police sources claim that the accused utilized Instagram to communicate with a Chinese cybercriminal in order to carry out their fraudulent activities.

The group was identified by Assistant Commissioner of Police (Cyber) Abhimanyu Goyal as consisting of a banker, a chartered accountant, and a former bank manager. According to the ACP, the probe was started in response to a complaint filed on January 23 by a resident of Faridabad who claimed to have lost Rs 8.54 lakh as a result of dishonest stock market transactions.

Following an investigation, the police focused on seven suspects, detained four of them (Amit, Neeraj, Mayank, and Sagar) on February 29 and placed them under six days of remand, according to the police. He said that Sunil alias Raju and Arjun Biswa were detained on March 2 and that Krishanveer was apprehended on March 1. According to the official, Mayank was formerly a manager with HDFC Bank, Krishnaveer managed relationships at IndusInd Bank, and Amit held a chartered accounting degree.

Police added that throughout the course of the investigation, they seized Rs. 22,500, 4 cell phones, 7 checkbooks, 3 debit cards, and evidence that they had been communicating via Telegram with a Chinese cybercriminal named Mek, who was receiving phony accounts from them.

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