In response to Govinda being at Arti Singh’s wedding, Kashmera Shah said, “My kids were happy to finally meet our Chi Chi mama.”

Actor Kashmera Shah and Krushna Abhishek are overjoyed that Govinda, also known as Chi Chi mom, was there at Arti Singh and Dipak Chauhan’s wedding.

Actor Govinda, also known as Chi Chi mom, attended niece Arti Singh’s wedding to Dipak Chauhan on Thursday, putting a stop to rumors about a falling out between her and her nephew Krushna Abhishek and his wife Kashmera Shah.

On this memorable day for the family, Govinda’s presence couldn’t have made Kashmera happier. It was, of course, Arti’s big day, and it was definitely a highlight. And then, that mere bachchon ko ChiChi maama ka aashirwaad mila was the largest and most memorable moment for me. The actor, who gave birth to twin twins named Krishaang and Rayaan in 2018, says, “They met him for the first time.”

Happy that the family is starting over on this new occasion, Kashmera continues, “Our relationship with him has a new beginning when Chi Chi mama blesses my kids without any malice.” Oh, mere mama-asur hain, and my boys will now have the opportunity to get to know their grandfather. I can now sit and show them all of his music and movies with pride. At last, my kids were delighted to meet him.

Shah tells us more about their interaction on the wedding day, saying, “I was so happy that he came to be part of our celebration and didn’t keep anything in his heart.” He smiled as he slept, Krushna bhi bahut khush tha. Standing by Arti was Krushna, not her brother but her father. Even though I was the evening’s host, we were unable to have a decent conversation because of this.



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