First-ever US primary election victory for Nikki Haley: She became the first female US presidential nominee in history.

The Republican Party’s Nikki Haley was victorious in the Washington primary elections. In the primary election, this is both his first win and Donald Trump’s first loss. As of right now, Nikki Haley is the first female presidential candidate in American history to win.

American media reports that Haley received 63% of the vote compared to 33% for Trump.

Before the presidential elections to be held in America this year, elections are going on for the candidature of Republican and Democratic parties. Presidential elections are to be held in America in November this year. Before this, both the parties – Republican and Democratic, are busy finalizing their candidates for this election.


Trump’s initial setback in the primaries:-
This is the first time that Trump has lost in the primary elections held by the Republican Party. In 2016, he was also defeated in the Washington primary election. The Republican Party is fielding just two candidates for president: Haley and Trump. Nevada, South Carolina, Iowa, and New Hampshire are among the eight states that Trump has won.


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