Haryana youth recounts horror in Russia: ‘Used to burn me with cigarettes in jungle’

Mukesh from Haryana narrated how he was transferred from Germany to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Russia.

In an interview with news agency ANI, Mukesh claimed there are 250-300 Indians in the Russian Army, all of whom were tricked into joining the army by false job promises. The Haryana youth, who successfully returned to India from Russia after being tricked by a job offer, described his horror, which began the day he left India last year. The agents that Mukesh got in touch with for jobs outside India told him that he would get a work permit in Germany. However, after being sent to Bangkok and from there to Russia, the Russian army caught him there and demanded that he serve in the army or face jail time.

Recounting the journey and the “donkey” road to Russia, Mukesh claimed that he was told by the agents he had a work permit in Germany and that he had left India in September of last year with a ticket to Bangkok. “They began torturing me as soon as I arrived in Bangkok. stole funds from my relatives. After that, I was given a ticket to Russia. The donkers (agents or associates of the agent) beat me up when I got to Russia. The donkers took me to Belarus. I used to be taken into the woods by them, where I would be beaten and burned with cigarettes. They used to threaten my family members with video calls in an attempt to get more money,” Mukesh remarked.

“I went 16 days without eating while I was in the forest. I was not conscious. My pals came to my aid, but the Army discovered us at that point. They threatened to put us in ten years of prison if we didn’t join the Army. We vowed not to enlist in the Army. We received a jail sentence. After receiving bail, we were deported, Mukesh claimed.

A number of young Indian people were duped by phony employment agencies that were actively recruiting for the Russian military. India has brought up the matter with Russia, requesting the early release of Indian nationals who are detained there. On the front lines, fighting for the Russian Army against Ukraine, at least two Indians have lost their lives. Twenty Indian citizens serving in the Russian military reportedly sought the Indian mission in Moscow to ask for assistance in being discharged, and several of them were allowed to return to India after New Delhi brought up the matter with Moscow, according to the external affairs ministry.

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