After PM Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi over the “Shakti” dispute, Priyanka defended him, saying

Vadra’s statements were made just hours after Rahul Gandhi clarified his remarks regarding “Shakti,” which set off a huge backlash.

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chastised Rahul Gandhi for his comments on “Shakti,” prompting Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to leap to his defense.

“The Prime Minister is only an expert at deflecting criticism from the people. The nation’s citizens are battling the economic crisis, unemployment, and inflation. The young people feel let down. The farmers are ending their lives. Inflation has made it impossible for some to maintain their homes. GST and demonetization destroyed thousands of industries. However, Vadra stated in a post on X that the prime minister’s top goal is to deflect public attention by misrepresenting the opinions of opposition leaders.

Vadra made his statements just hours after Rahul Gandhi clarified his remarks about the Goddess “Shakti,” which had sparked a huge controversy and attracted a lot of attention ahead of the very important Lok Sabha elections.

Gandhi defended his claim, saying that the PM was attempting to distort it even though he knew it to be true.

“My remarks are not liked by Modi ji. He tries to misrepresent what I’ve said and distort its meaning because he understands that I’ve stated a profound truth,” he remarked on X.

The “Shakti” that I alluded to and that we are fighting is none other than Modiji. The voice, institutions, media, industry, Election Commission, CBI, IT department, ED, and constitutional framework of India have all been seized by this authority, he continued.
The BJP attacked the Congressman for his remarks earlier in the day, spearheaded by Prime Minister Modi. He attacked Gandhi at a rally at Jagtial, Telangana, claiming that all mothers and daughters in the nation are a type of “shakti.”

“In their platform, the INDI alliance said that they were fighting’shakti’. Every mother, daughter, and sister is, in my opinion, a type of “shakti.” They are worshipped by me as “shakti.” I am a devotee of Bharat Mata.”Main jaan ki baazi laga dunga” is their challenge, and I embrace it. Their agenda calls for finishing “shakti,” PM Modi declared.
He also mentioned that “Shiv Shakti” was the name of the Chandrayaan-3 landing site. “Can someone discuss’shakti’s’ destruction?…We named the location of Chandrayaan’s landing “Shiv Shakti” in honor of the mission’s accomplishment.”Muqabla 4 June ko ho jaaega… the battle is between those who worship’shakti’ and those who wish to destroy it,” the prime minister continued.

The Wayand MP added, “There is a word ‘Shakti’ (might) in Hinduism,” when voicing his concerns about the EVMs. This statement set off the entire debate. We are engaged in combat with a Shakti, or state power. What that Shakti is and what it means for us is the question at hand. EVMs have sold their soul and integrity to the King (PM Modi). It is a reality that this exists. “Every autonomous institution has traded its spine to the Center, not just EVMs,” he declared.

Hindus hold the term “Shakti” in high regard since it is connected to the goddess Ambrahma/Durga.

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