Before the 700+ run series, Yashasvi Jaiswal received a “reprimand” from Sunil Gavaskar in a hotel: Who in their 20s pays attention?

In South Africa, Sunil Gavaskar disclosed that he had’reprimanded’ Yashasvi Jaiswal for wasting a start against the West Indies in his inaugural series from August of previous year.

With a total score of over 700 runs in their 4-1 series victory over England, Yashasvi Jaiswal stood out as India’s greatest discovery. After the great Sunil Gavaskar, Jaiswal became the second-only Indian batsman to score 700 runs or more in a single Test series. He had a remarkable start to his Test career in August, scoring a century on his debut. In actuality, the former captain of India won the title twice, once during his debut series in 1971 and once more in 1978–79, both against the West Indies. However, it took another forty-five years for Gavaskar to find company in the team, and that came from a 22-year-old who hasn’t even played ten Test matches.

Nevertheless, upon further reflection, Jaiswal’s incredible accomplishment would have been unattainable if Gavaskar hadn’t intervened during India’s tour of South Africa. Gavaskar, the first batsman to reach 10,000 runs in a Test match, disclosed that he had hit Jaiswal in the Johannesburg Test. Gavaskar, who has always emphasized the value of converting starts, confided in Jaiswal in the hotel room. It seems to have had a positive effect as Jaiswal has been an unstoppable force in Tests ever since.

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