Former professor Saibaba acquitted in case of Naxal links: Life sentence cancelled, he was arrested in 2014

Former Delhi University (DU) professor GN Saibaba and five other defendants who had been detained on suspicion of having ties to the Naxalites were cleared by the Bombay High Court’s Nagpur bench. The court has decided not to sentence him to death. Additionally, he is authorized to file an appeal against the verdict. This ruling was made on Tuesday by the Justice Vinay Joshi and Justice Valmiki SA Menezes bench.

This appeal has been reheard by this two-judge bench for Saibaba. This is due to the fact that the Supreme Court overturned the High Court’s earlier decision to exonerate them. On this Saibaba had appealed once more.

Accused Narote passed away.

In addition to Saibaba, Hem Mishra, Mahesh Tirkey, Vijay Tirkey, Narayan Sanglikar, Prashant Rahi, and Pandu Narote were the other five accused in this case. Narote has passed away already. Right now Sai Baba is incarcerated. In May 2014, he was taken into custody. At DU’s Ram Lal Anand College, he was an English teacher. In March 2017, the Gadchiroli sessions court found Saibaba and the other suspects guilty.

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