Where is the money from the liquor scam? CM Kejriwal’s wife Sunita’s major claim will be proven on March 28.

During a news conference on Wednesday afternoon, Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, read the message. On March 28, he said, CM Kejriwal would give a presentation including evidence on the whereabouts of the money obtained through the liquor scandal. Let us inform you that Sunita Kejriwal meets with the CM and visits the ED office on a regular basis.

“Yesterday evening I met Arvind ji in jail,” he stated. He had conveyed to Atishi, the Water Minister of Delhi, two days prior that the issues related to water and sewers needed to be resolved. The Central Government filed legal action against the Chief Minister in this regard. Do they intend to obliterate Delhi? According to Ravind ji, over 250 raids have been carried out by the Enforcement Department (ED) in the last two years to investigate this liquor fraud; however, as of right now, no money has been found during any of the searches.

In court, CM Kejriwal will testify as follows: Sunita
He claimed that Arvind ji had promised to disclose in court on March 28 where the funds from the liquor scandal were spent. They’ll provide evidence for this as well. My spirit is among you all, Arvind ji; my body is in jail.” Let us inform you that Sunita Kejriwal has made her press statement for the second time. She had previously made her statement to the media on March 23.

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