Congress charges Puducherry’s government of being too comfortable in combating the drug problem.

In a recent murder case involving a 9-year-old, PCC chairman V. Vaithilingam said that the suspects were drug addicts, pointing out that ganja and other drugs were readily available in the Union Territory.

On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, V. Vaithilingam, the chief of the Puducherry Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), blamed the AINRC-led NDA government of “complacency” and stated that the death of a nine-year-old girl in the Union Territory was caused by a lack of preventive measures to stop the spread of drugs.

There have been rumors circulating that several of the people on trial for the murder are drug addicts. The government has not been able to stop the drug trade from spreading. The easy availability of ganja and other narcotic substances in Puducherry has raised concerns. Speaking at a news conference, he stated, “There is no control over resto bars [that have been opened] in the name of tourism promotion.”


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