NIA raid in Bengaluru jail about radicalization of inmates; searches are ongoing at 17 locations across 7 states

Tuesday saw 17 raids by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) across 7 states in relation to the radicalization of inmates at Bengaluru’s Central Jail. Following the discovery of weapons and ammunition, including seven handguns, four hand grenades, one magazine, forty-five live rounds, and four walkie-talkies, the Bengaluru City Police filed a complaint in July of last year, according to the agency.

Five individuals were detained in this case earlier. In prison in Bengaluru, T Nasir, the head and operator of Lashkar-e-Taiba, radicalized him. One additional individual was taken into custody following his questioning, bringing the total to six. Another culprit in this case who is evading capture is Junaid Ahmed. The NIA began looking into the case in October of last year. Subsequently, other locations, including Junaid Ahmed’s home, were searched.



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