Following the Election Commission’s caution, the BJP accuses Muslims at the Congress

Nadda made his comments the day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s controversial remarks prompted a notification from the Election Commission of India (ECI) to the head of the BJP.

President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), JP Nadda, criticized the Congress on Friday for its Lok Sabha election platform, claiming that the old party’s covert goal is to take away the rights of the impoverished and backward groups and give them to Muslims as a result of their appeasement policy.

“That statement was not made by mistake by Manmohan Singh. He did it on purpose because, in response to a question at a press conference in Mumbai in April 2009, he stood by his assertion that minorities, particularly Muslims, had to be given precedence and have the first claim to the nation’s resources,” Nadda added.

The head of the BJP further asserted that the Sachar Committee Report, which was used by the Congress-led UPA government to portray Muslims as being in worse circumstances than SCs and STs, contained inaccurate information.

“False claims that Muslims are in worse condition than Dalits were made through the Sachar Committee Report. It indicates that Congress was already laying the groundwork for declaring Muslims to be Special Citizens and granting them special privileges under the SC.Because they make up the bulk of the people and this is the platform of the Congress party, Congress despises SC, ST, and OBC, he continued.

His statements coincided with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s, who had stated that the opposition sought to transfer the nation’s riches to Muslims, receiving a notice from the Election Commission of India (ECI) the day prior.

The poll body has sought a response from the BJP chief by Monday to the complaints filed by the Congress, CPI, CPI (ML) and civil society groups regarding his remarks.

A major political slugfest was triggered after the Prime Minister alleged that the Congress wanted to redistribute the wealth of the people to Muslims and that the opposition party won’t even spare the ‘mangalsutra’ of women.

Later, the opposition parties accused PM Modi of making false claims, while the BJP alleged that the Congress was nursing an agenda of Muslim appeasement.

Voting in 88 constituencies spread across 12 states and a Union territory (Jammu & Kashmir) is now underway for the second of seven phases of the Lok Sabha elections. Voting for the first leg took place on Friday, with 102 constituencies from 21 states and the Union Territories casting ballots.


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