Badaun murders: “Don’t kill the second accused in an encounter,” the father of the children who died says

Badaun double murder: Yuvraj, the brother of the deceased boys, was hospitalized and Ayush and Ahaan died.

The father of the double murder victims from Badaun, Vinod Kumar, has pleaded with the Uttar Pradesh Police not to shoot the second culprit during an encounter. To find out if his children’s deaths were the result of a plot, he desires to confront the accused, Javed, who was taken into custody on Thursday.

“We need to question Javed to find out why they did this. The secret will never be revealed if he is killed in an encounter. There might be more parties involved. If my children were slain in a conspiracy, we need to know about it. The boys’ father, Vinod, was cited by NDTV as adding, “They would have killed others in the family too.”

“I want this thoroughly investigated. Why did my children have to be murdered? I want to know what occurred, thus I’m appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath,” he continued.

Three of Vinod’s children—Ayush, 12, Ahaan, also known as Honey, 8, and Yuvraj, 10—were allegedly attacked with a knife on Tuesday. According to the authorities, Yuvraj was hospitalized and Ayush and Ahaan perished in the horrific incident. Sajid, one of the suspects, was murdered after a confrontation with the police. Since the event, Javed, the second accused, has been evading capture.

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