When a gas vendor in Kankarbagh was shot dead in broad daylight, irate onlookers caused a commotion by leaving the corpse on the road.

On Thursday, in broad daylight, a gas vendor was shot and killed behind Tempo Stand Sabzi Mandi under the Kankarbagh police station, close to LIO Park. Ranjit Ram (40) was recognized as the dead.
He had formerly lived at Dayalpur, which was under the Chandi police station in the district of Nalanda. spent almost ten years living on rent in Ashok Nagar Road No. 14. Here with him resided his wife, daughter, age 14, and son, age 12. His previous employer was Radhika Gas Agency.

After receiving the information, the police looked through the footage from the CC cameras that were mounted in a house in front of the scene and discovered that two murderers were riding bikes. Here, a commotion was caused by the dead body being left on the road by enraged bystanders to the murder. They refused to let the body be removed for a postmortem examination.
People blocked the route, criticizing the police’s methods of operation. They also wanted the victim’s family to receive Rs 10 lakh in compensation. After the police gave an explanation, the crowd’s ire decreased after about two and a half hours, the jam was released, and the body could be transferred for a postmortem.

Like everyday, Ranjeet was going to deliver gas cylinders to the people living behind LIO Park. It is seen in the footage that his colleague Rahul was pulling a cart filled with gas cylinders. Ranjeet was pushing from behind. The criminals riding the bike came from behind. As soon as he came parallel to Ranjeet, he was shot in the temple by the bike he was riding.

Then, they increased the speed of the bike and fled away. It is surprising that the young man named Rahul who was with him did not hear the sound of the bullet. He kept talking to Ranjeet. When Ranjeet did not respond to anything, he turned back and saw that he had fallen on the road. Blood was coming out from the head. It is believed that the pistol might have been fitted with a silencer.

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