Six Naxalites were slain in a confrontation with security personnel in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh, and a thorough search is still underway for them.

Bijapur agency. Naxalite Encounter in Bijapur: In the Bijapur district of Chhattisgarh, there was an encounter between security personnel and Naxalites. This encounter resulted in the death of six Naxalites. According to the police, there was a confrontation between security personnel and Naxalites in the Bijapur district this morning.

Six Naxalites were slain in the conflict.
According to information provided by a police officer, six Naxalites—including a woman—have lost their lives in clashes with security guards. In the forest around Chikurbatti-Pusbaka in the Bijapur district, security troops and Naxalites reportedly ran into each other.

The group had started a campaign against Naxals.

Six Naxalites’ bodies were found.
He claimed that troops from DRG, CRPF 229, and Cobra were engaged in this operation. He claimed that six Naxalites’ bodies—including a woman’s—were found there after the confrontation concluded. There is now a search operation underway there.

Operation started following the villager murders
Notably, a group of security personnel conducted a search operation in Polampalli, Chippurbhatti district, following the deaths of three people. The Naxalites and the security forces team had a confrontation during this period. Let us inform you that the Bastar Lok Sabha constituency includes the Bijapur district. On April 19, this location will host the first round of voting.

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