BJP MP responds to JP Nadda’s letter to Dilip Ghosh on his “father” remark against Mamata Banerjee

Such remarks are apparently harshly condemned by the BJP. The BJP has also asked Dilip Ghosh to clarify this matter.

JP Nadda, the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party, sent a notice to Bengal BJP leader Dilip Ghosh asking him to clarify his contentious comments regarding chief minister Mamata Banerjee. In a letter, the BJP said that Dilip Ghosh’s remark was impolite, outside of the law, and against party policy.
According to news agency ANI, the party vehemently disapproves of such remarks. The BJP has also asked Dilip Ghosh to clarify this matter.

Dilip Ghosh responded to the notice by telling reporters that he has previously encountered criticism over a similar statement, “because I speak in front of those who commit injustice.”

“I express my grief if it is true that I used unparliamentary words, as many others, including the party, have said.The BJP leader declared, “I will respond to the notice in writing.

Previously, the Trinamool Congress lodged a complaint against Dilip Ghosh for allegedly uttering divisive remarks directed at Mamata Banerjee with the Election Commission of India.
According to the TMC, Dilip Ghosh’s personal remarks were a violation of the Model Code of Conduct.



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