In Kolkata, the metro will run 13 meters below the surface: With PM Modi’s inaugural speech, the 520-meter trip will be finished in 40 seconds.

On Wednesday, in Kolkata, Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened the nation’s first underwater metro. The track that this metro will operate on is 13 meters below the Hooghly River’s level and 33 meters below the surface of the earth. The first metro train in the nation began service on the Kolkata North-South Corridor (Blue Line) in 1984. This is where the nation’s first underwater metro rail will reopen after 40 years.

To do this, two tracks have been laid in a 520-meter tunnel that runs from Howrah station to Mahakaran station. At 80 km/h, the metro train will be through this tunnel in forty-five seconds. This will enhance Kolkata’s and Howrah’s connectivity. It will be simpler for seven to ten lakh individuals to travel each day.

With four subterranean stops, it is the world’s deepest metro.
Certain submerged metro routes are a part of the Green Line, or East-West Corridor. The 4.8 kilometer road that connects Howrah Maidan and Esplanade is completed. Howrah Maidan, Howrah Station, Mahakaran, and Esplanade are its four subterranean stations. The Howrah station is situated thirty meters below the surface. The world’s deepest metro station is located here. Submarine metro lines are currently only constructed in London and Paris.

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