Head of the Delhi liquor scandal Arvind Kejriwal’s money trail linked him to the 2022 Goa electoral campaign: ED to court

The Delhi chief minister was placed on 10-day remand after the Enforcement Department told the court that Arvind Kejriwal had a direct hand in creating the excise policy.

The Enforcement Directorate informed the Rouse Avenue court on Friday that Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, was the mastermind and a major conspirator of the Delhi liquor policy scam. Kejriwal was brought before the court today after being taken into custody by the ED late on Thursday night.
Additional solicitor general SV Raju informed the court that Kejriwal was personally involved in the creation of the liquor policy and the subsequent use of the proceeds of the crime, hence requesting a 10-day remand for the chief minister. He added that the policy was designed in a way that made accepting bribes possible. Between the Aam Aadmi Party and the south cartel, of which K Kavitha—who has already been arrested—was a crucial component, Vijay Nair served as their go-between.

Things the ED informed the judge about Kejriwal
Living close to Arvind Kejriwal’s residence, Vijay Nair collaborated closely with the chief minister, who required bribes from liquor barons in exchange for favors granted under their program.
The ED informed the court that Arvind Kejriwal had wanted ₹100 crore for the Punjab election from some accused members of the South group.
Additionally, according to the agency, Kejriwal personally spoke with Kavitha and suggested that they collaborate on the alcohol policy.
In addition to ₹100 crore, the profit that the bribe givers received was also considered a part of the profits of crime.
In part, all vendors accepted cash payments, according to the ED.

The Aam Aadmi Party used around ₹45 crores in criminal proceeds from the South group during the Goa campaign in 2021–2022.
ED stated that all of their statements are corroborated.
An enormous sum of money was exchanged, according to ED. Kejriwal has responsibility for his associates’ actions as well.
According to the agency, Goa MLAs claimed to have received money.


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